Jun 09 2008

Grey, gloomy, but you can surf

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Dee Why offering a few waves

Hello Friends,

Good news. There are still a few little waves around. The water quality is of course compromised by the stormwater run-off of the last few days, and you wouldn’t say the quality is amazing, but there are chest to head high sets popping up every now and then along the Dee Why stretch.

Swell at sea has gone a little more around to the SE and the average size is still hanging around the 2 metre mar. Moreover, the average period has crept up to nearly 10 seconds, so I’d expect most places in Sydney to be showing at least as much average size as yesterday, but with fewer sets in the mix.

The wind is currently out of the WNW along the Sydney coast, but the Bureau says it’ll get around to a more chop-inducing 13-18 kts from the NE.

From the look of the forecast models, we’re headed into small to flat conditions between now and next weekend.  The outer reaches of said forecasts are currently anticipating the formation of another east coast low toward Saturday. If the call turns out to be correct, there could be some good size (though with a heaps of SE wind, sadly).

Finals day at the Snowy McAlister contest in Manly today. Connoisseurs of the art of mal riding should find much to appreciate.

Go well with your day!

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