Jun 10 2008

Tuesday & waves to be had

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Dee Why beach

Hello Friends,

Did you get waves over the long weekend? The quality wasn’t extraordinary, but there was okay size to be had most places – if you could deal with the ordinary water quality and variable weather conditions. This morning sees a few stretches of blue sky and, happily, a few small waves rolling gently in to the southern ends. Overnight the swell has gone from SE to E and the period has decreased from close to 9 seconds, to nearer 7. But the height on average out at sea is around 1.5 metres, so there are a few chest high sets to be had at places such as Dee Why beach.

There doesn’t seem to be much wind about, but the Bureau says we can expect the NE’r to kick in during the middle of the day and to get up to 15-20 kts before dropping back toward dusk. As far as the rest of the weather goes, the call is for a high of 20, with the odd clearing shower. Tomorrow there could be a late shower.

Speaking of tomorrow, I’ve kinda fallen behind on my (self-imposed) long range surf update schedule. I hope it’ll be possible to get on to that today. As you may have noticed, my video production efforts over the weekend focused on the Snowy. Put up a couple vids for those of you who are fans of longer craft. Check ’em out when you get the chance.

Go well!

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