Jun 11 2008

Small waves about

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Dee Why beach 0730 Weds

Hello Friends,

Looks as though we still have a few little ones around this morning at those beaches that can do something with the gradually weakening NE windswell. At Dee Why there were a few folks finding surfable waist to chest high moments in the beachy. With an average period of around 8 seconds, the power levels are not spectacular, so the longer craft are going to have the advantage.

The Bureau says that we’ll have NW wind of 10-15kts today, so although it’s set to be small – and getting smaller – the surface conditions should be ok to good.

Sorry not to have created a new vidcast of my thoughts on the coming week’s surf prospects. Kinda got tied up with other stuff… but I’ll make an effort today because it looks as though this weekend could be massive…

Have yourself a top old day!

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