Jun 12 2008

Gone tiny on us

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Hello Friends,

It’s looking¬† tiny down DY way this morning. At 0730 I couldn’t see anyone in the water from the point to about halfway up to the pole. There wasn’t much wind about, but I’d say you’d want to be very keen to get in given the tininess. In the 8 hours or so since I published my latest vidcast the primary swell direction has abruptly jumped from the NE to SE. The size at sea hasn’t changed much, (it’s about a metre on average) and the 8 sec average period is up just a touch. One intriguing feature in the data (that wasn’t visible when I watched the beach) is a peakperiod component of 14 sec. Even small waves at 14 sec apart can be juicy, so keep an eye out for rogue sets!

The usually terse marine forecast is rather more prolix today, to whit:

The cloud feature on and to the west of Tasmania represents a broad low pressure trough which will amplify into a stronger system in the Tasman Sea during Friday into Saturday. Strong winds will develop about the southern and central coasts by later Friday morning before shifting more southwest during the afternoon and evening as the trough develops. Gale force winds are forecast by later Friday and through into the weekend with winds tending more S/SW and extending throughout. A gradual easing trend is anticipated in the south going into Sunday, but gale force winds look likely to continue in the north throughout the weekend.

The computer wave height models are fluxing around a fair amount as well. It’s now looking as though the south swell ought to be showing its colours by Saturday morning as it begins a rapid build into the 3-4+ m range.¬† Too bad about the gale force winds… anyway, you can watch the parade of charts and listen to my thoughts if you are so inclined by clicking on the latest vidcast I posted in the news section last night.

Have yourself a top old day and go well!

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