Jun 13 2008

Flat Friday… but Saturday…

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Hello Friends,

Light NW winds this morning and flat. One could leave it there and be on with the day… but your correspondent would have a word in your shell-like if you’re of a mind to listen. Over that nicely arranged morning horizon with its attractive selection of gilt edged, dove grey clouds, Huey is at work. The winds will gradually build from the west as the day goes on, the air rushing toward into¬† the vortex forming around a steadily deepening low pressure system.

The wind is set to ramp up into the 25-30kt range by lunchtime and by tea a 25-35 kt SW change should be upon us.

By tomorrow morning the wind should be around to the south in the Sydney region and powering along at 25-35 kts. By then the flatness will be a memory as Huey’s efforts become pretty obvious. At the moment it looks as though the swell will build to a peak Saturday night in Sydney. The swell peak will, on current reckoning, then move north along the coast, building as it goes. So, while we’re seeing it get smaller on Sunday (but still big!) on the mid north coast it will be getting even bigger. Of course, like us, they’ll be getting the full wind treatment, with howling SW’ly all weekend.

Not sure how photogenic it’ll be, but my camcorder is charged up in anticipation…

Go well with your day!

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