Jun 14 2008

woohoo, we got waves

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Hello Friends,

Wind is blowing hard, but not so hard you can’t surf. I’m waiting for a bit more light to take the pic, so thought I’d get the words up in the meantime.

There were a dozen or so bods in at Dee Why from first light. Gotta admire the keeness, what with the aforesaid wind and the 10 degree air temps, it can’t have been too fun pulling on the wetty. Wind chill is pushing those temps down into single figures.

Although the size at sea is averaging around 4.5 metres at 10 sec apart, the dead south direction is delivering ‘only’ 1.5-2x overhead sets at Dee Why point. The wind, while strong, is 20-25kts from the WSW, so surfing in the corners is not out of the question at all – assuming you have the fitness and ability. Pretty obviously this is not the day to be taking your overseas visitors down to the beach to try a bit of surfing.

The weather should be okay for shooting vid, so I hope to get out and about with the camera at some point to see what I can find…

Go well, and if in doubt, stay out!

dee why point goes large

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