Jun 15 2008

Another day of size

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Hello Friends,

Another day of substantial swell. Sydney peaked yesterday at close to 5 metres offshore (with sea + swell heights reaching an amazing 11 metres mid-afternoon). It’s dropped back today as expected but not by much. As of this morning it was still close to 4 metres at sea from the S by SSE. Average period is still trucking along at a useful 10 sec. The low that’s creating all this energy is moving pretty slowly, so it should stay about the same size all day. Then overnight it is set to begin a gradual decline from around the 4m mark to around 3 for Monday.

Wind is currently 15-35kts from the SSW in the Sydney region. The Bureau says it should ease back toward evening.

The light was very poor for picture taking from early thanks to the lowering skies, but I did get out for a scan of the Dee Why to Northy zone. Essentially there are only two places being surfed. Dee Why point which is getting mauled by very substantial bomb sets (2-3x overhead on the biggest I saw) and Collaroy which is sedate and shoulder high on the biggest ones. If you’re thinking the Kick, so are lots of other folks. Looks like long waits for slow moving lumps into the head high range at best. Brownwater is hosting the usual crew of mad bodyboarders, but I have to confess that I didn’t get a really close look at it. My guesstimate is shoulder to head high plus. No one in at Centuries/white rock that I could see. South Narra, fergedaboudit. Norffy? Yeah, right.

I’m on soccer Dad duties for most of the morning, so I’ll make an effort to check in around midday with an update of some sort.

Go well, and don’t do anything stupid, eh?

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