Jun 16 2008

Another wild and woolly day

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Hello Friends,

As I write this, it’s raining and the conditions are too dark to grab a pic for you of the conditions. Through the murk I can see that the swell has dropped a little overnight, but it isn’t what you’d call small. Although no one was in the water to provide scale, I’d guess that the wave faces at Dee Why are still in the 3 metre+ range. The MHL buoy is showing the swell is still coming from the S-SSE at about 9 seconds apart. Heights out at sea are averaging a touch under 4 metres.

Wind is out of the SSW at around 15-20 kts as the day gets started. According to the Bureau this is about where the settings will stay for the rest of the day. The cloudy conditions are set to continue, but, despite the light rain outside my window, there’s not too much percipitation showing on the Sydney region radar at the moment and the B. is expecting only occasional showers through the day.

Tomorrow should see a return to a day or two of fine conditions and there should still be some swell left. Indeed, it should be a little more around to the SE according to the models. The next few days look like seeing a shift to surfable size east swell.

Hope you’re heading into a top old week ahead. Go well!

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