Jun 22 2008

Smaller, but not flat

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Offshore little things at Dee Why

Hello Friends,

Bit of a surprise to find that it seems to have dropped overnight. Nevermind, there are still waves about. Dee Why’s showing waist to chest high on the sets. That wind’s damn brisk though, and I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility that we’ll see the swell begin to push up. There are a lot of ducks in a row and I reckon that by dusk, the situation could be different (ie bigger).

The MHL Sydney buoy is showing 2 metres of dead south swell at about 8 seconds apart and the wind at 0830 was out of the west at 15-20kts. And here’s the Bureau’s summary:

A low in the central Tasman Sea is moving east, and coupled with a strong high over the Bight, directs a vigorous SW flow on the New South Wales coastal waters. A cold front crossing the southern Tasman Sea will maintain strong to gale force winds over the coastal waters on Sunday. Another front is expected to move over the Tasman Sea on Monday, re-invigorating the southwesterly flow.

The forecast models are now showing the swell peaking overnight, but not going flat tomorrow. Indeed, from the look of things, there should be a steady supply of waist to head high south swell and offshore winds all week. Woo-hoo!

Have yourself a top old Sunday and stay happy!

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