Jun 23 2008

Sunny and cold morning

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Dee Why offering more options

Hello Friends,

Huey’s moved things around again overnight. The swell heights at sea have dropped from an average of three to two metres, but the period has bumped up from 8 to nearly 10 seconds and the direction, crucially for many Sydney region beaches, has moved toward the SE.

Wind is west to NW depending on where you’re standing and the speeds are 8-10 kts. It should stay this way inshore for the rest of the day. Not bad at all.

Sets toward the middle of the Dee Why to Longy stretch are around the shoulder high mark on the bigger ones. It wasn’t super crowded either. Nothing was really showing at the point and no one seemed to be in the water there.

I’ll try to get another forecast out for you later today, but what I can say without really digging into it, is that we look like staying well supplied with surfable conditions right through the coming week along most of the east coast. Those of you in Victoria will be seeing quite a bit more activity than us and the same can be said of west coast NZ. Some serious systems brewing in the southern ocean…

Have yourself a top old day!

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