Jun 25 2008

Still a few to be had

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Heading into a crunching close-out

Hello Friends,

Did you jag any of that long period pulse yesterday afternoon? As anticipated it started to push up from about 2pm on and by dusk there were some sizable sets at south facing beaches. This morning finds the situation somewhat reduced in intensity. Where yesterday arvo there’d been chest to head high plus sets (jump over to www.realsurf.tv to see the clips I shot from the water), this morning sees the average size considerably reduced. Looks like waist high maybe. The beachy is bigger though and I’d expect you could still find the odd overhead takeoff at south facing beaches.

The average size and swell direction haven’t changed much since mid-day yesterday when they were showing 2 metres from the SSE. Average period at the last report from the buoy was 11 second, but there is some peak stuff at around 14 sec in the mix.

And, according to the Bureau, this long period stuff should re-appear from time to time over the next few days as a series of intense lows pass through our swell window in the southern ocean.

Wind is set to be 13-18 kts from the WNW this morning, increasing to 18-23 this afternoon. And, that should co-incide with another long period pulse’s arrival.

I revisted my long range wrap after some technical difficulties day before yesterday. You can have a listen via the utterz widget down the page on the right.

The short version is that it looks like we should have waves through the weekend, but that tomorrow will be pretty windy.

Go well and get lots of waves!

Smaller this morning at the point

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