Jun 26 2008

Feel the wind

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0720: Dee Why point

Hello Friends,

The phone beeped me awake this morning with an sms from reporter Robbo telling me we still have swell. Wiped blear away, clambered up the ladder to the crows nest for my daily pics. Yep, as R. said, we got swell. There are a couple issues however.

First, there is the little matter of the howling wind. It’s blasting along at 20-30 kts from the WNW. So, the direction’s fine, but the speed setting is, shall we say, a touch enthusiastic Huey.

The second issue is our swell. The size at sea has dropped a touch and is now close to the metre mark. That would be very small if all we had to play with was the current 9 second period. Happily there are still some 14 sec sets in the mix. And therein lies the problem. It’s setty and I reckon as the day proceeds, the lulls will get longer. (When the sets come in, they are creating faces into the head high range on the bigger ones.)

The Bureau’s wind call is as follows: “NW 20/25 knots, increasing to 25/33 knots early, ahead of a W/SW change 25/33 knots during the afternoon. Sea: rising to 2.5 to 3.5 metres. Swell: S 2 to 3 metres. Dangerous surf conditions.”

Outlook is for the swell to hang in there at more or less these settings for another couple days, but to gradually get smaller through he weekend.

A bit of a head’s up for you all… at some point today I’m going to do a live vidcast from the beach. I’ll post an update in the report slot 10-15mins before I go on.

Have yourself a top old day and get a few if you can!

0720: Dee Why beach

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