Jun 27 2008

Swell is running down, but still around

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A few small ones getting into the point

Hello Friends,

How were those offshores yesterday? Yikes. This morning dawns clear and comparatively breeze free in Sydney. The Bureau says it’ll stay that way with the wind call being for 10-15kts from the W/SW.

Huey’s turned the wave power setting down too. We’re now looking at average period of about 10 seconds for the 1.5-2 metres of pretty straight south swell. Yesterday there were pulses of 14+ sec stuff in the mix, but this morning they’re now around the 12 sec mark. And, I reckon the lulls are going to get longer as well. Size at Dee Why beach was in the chest high range. The point was smaller again. I reckon there could still be the odd overhead bomb at exposed spots such as Curly, etc.

I’m overdue to create another one of my forecast-vidcast things, so how ’bout I do a live broadcast at 4pm? I’ll find some nice stretch of beach to stand on as I spill the beans about how I reckon the next 7 days are shaping up. To check it out, just follow the link to my blog from below this report, and once you get there, look for the link at the top of the page that says “live vidcasts”. If you aren’t able to catch the live vidcast at 4, not to worry, it’s automatically saved so you can check it out whenever.

Okay, on with the next day in our lives. Hope it’s a good one for ya!

0720: a few still to be had in the beachy

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