Jun 28 2008

On the decline at Dee Why

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Little Dee Why point

Hello Friends,

Across the Sydney region, the swell has continued its steady decline. It’s actually still around the same height at sea as it has been for the last four days, but the average period has dropped to around 8 seconds and the longer period stuff that has been delivering all those nice sets, has fallen from over 12sec yesterday morning to nearer 9sec as we get started on Saturday. Swell direction is out of the SSE, so the only places with anything much at all will be those facing dead south.

Where Dee Why’s concerned, that means only a few little knee to waist high things folding onto the beach and dribbling down the point. I reckon you’d get more size if you wandered up the beach toward No Man’s, but aside from the odd rogue set, I’d be amazed if you got more than chest high on anything.

The outlook for the next few days (as those who watched my vidcast yesterday afternoon will know) is not great. If the models are to be believed, we’re in for a continuing decline into flatness across the weekend. It looks as though that will last until around Wednesday afternoon, when the current reckoning is that another pulse of south swell will come in.

Get out there and have yourself a top old day

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