Jun 29 2008

More waves! Woohoo!

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0720: little ones coming through the point

Hello Friends,

I’m always pleased to report that I’ve been unduly pessimistic about the surf prospects. And so it is this morning when I expected we’d be getting toward flatness territory. But instead, there are light NW winds and the SSE swell has actually improved very slightly in size and on the average period setting.

Down at Dee Why this is showing up as smallish waves (waist to chest high) sets at the point, and bigger (chest to head high plus) but mainly shutting down sets at the southern end of the beach. I reckon if you walked up toward No Man’s, there’d be a bit more size.

At the last data dump from the Sydney MHL buoy, average size at sea was just under the 2 metre mark and the average period is around 11 seconds. It looks as though there is some very long period component in the mix as well. 16 sec on the peaks according to the data. I’m a bit wary of those numbers though because they aren’t replicated down at Port Kembla. But, there are some spikes showing at Eden and Batemans Bay, so… I’m leaning toward it being real rather than the result of some idiot tying up a boat to the bouy.

The Bureau says we’re in for NW-N winds of 10-15kts in the morning, increasing to 15-20 in the afternoon.

The models continue to call for a couple days of near flatness from tomorrow, but late Wednesday night, the south swell should start up again.

Go well with your day!

0720: looks like there are a few solid sets still

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