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Jul 25 2008

Lion Island No.1

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You can see Lion Island from my office…
Lion Island and two clouds

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Jul 23 2008

RealSurf Status Reports: 2

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Hello everybody,
At around noon on Weds we saturated a server that was hosting RealSurf. We’d been pounding the poor thing for a couple days and the admin finally said that was enough!
So, the ever resourceful Ross has quickly shifted things around and relocated us for the time being to something with a bit more capacity.
Problem is, the move knocked out some of the mechanicals and so we’re really only able to display the front page and report excerpts.
We’re working frantically to restore things, so please continue to be patient.
Doesn’t help that we have a macking swell too!
More info as we work through the issues!

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Jul 19 2008

Sydney surf call for Sat 19 July, 702 ABC radio

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Jul 19 2008

Oh dear, looks small again

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Dee Why point looking pretty much perfectly flat

Hello Friends,

Well, as anticipated yesterday, the energy levels have dropped away to just about nothin’ overnight. Yesterday evening there were a few tiny little lines coming in at dusk when I went for a walk down near Long Reef. The biggest ones were struggling to get to waist high, so it wasn’t too amazing. However, I’d be very, very surprised if there was anything to surf there now. The MHL buoy is showing a metre of SSW windswell at an utterly gutless 6 seconds.

The Bureau’s call for the next couple days is for the wind to kick up as a strong low pushes into Bass Strait tomorrow. This is expected to cause strong to gale force winds over the southern and central waters. So, we can expect strong NW winds tomorrow, swinging WSW overnight into Monday. For today the wind will be WSW in the morning and then swing NW this afternoon.

So, it looks as though we’re going to have to put up with utter tininess through Monday in Sydney. However, things look quite a bit more interesting for Tuesday and Weds. The models are showing an intense low swinging across the Tasman early in the week. As it heads over to NZ, we could get some¬† fun size swell at south-friendly spots. And it looks as though the wind shouldn’t be too bad either, particularly on Weds morning when the models are showing a combo of 10s 3 metre south swell with light SSW wind.

Have yourself a top old Saturday!

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Jul 18 2008

Bright morning, tiny waves

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Lone paddler in search of a wave at Dee Why

Hello Friends,

Yet another corker weather-wise for Sydney. Brilliant blue skies, light NW wind and comparatively mild temps. But the surf? Ah, that… look, here’s the thing; if you found waves there yesterday… the MHL buoy shows that Huey’s pretty much left the engine room telegraph in the same spot. Average period is 10sec and the height is around a metre. It’s still coming from the SE and the peak sets are still around 2 metres.

There doesn’t seem to be much of anything surfable at the Dee Why end of the Longy-Dee Why stretch, but if it’s like yesterday (which it is) I reckon there could be the odd crunchy one up toward the Lugga entrance. The banks looked pretty uniform yesterday when I went for a beach walk. Lots and lots of close outs on offer and not too many makeable ones.

Thanks to the mag work, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to pull together a look at the long range prospects via a vidcast. I’m still pretty frantic, but I’ll see if I can do something for you later today.

Have yourself a top old day!

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Jul 16 2008

Another beautiful but nearly waveless morning

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Delightful morning but tiny at Dee Why

Hello Friends,

The pattern continues. The size of the SSE swell at sea off Sydney hasn’t budged off the metre mark. And it looks as though that is the situation from one end of the NSW coast to the other. What Sydney has going for it is an average period of about 10 sec. And that accounts no doubt for the exciting knee to waist high shutdowns I watched folding into Dee Why beach a little while ago.¬† The longer period 12 sec component is still hangning around, so at exposed spots you might pick up something a touch bigger.

From the look of the forecast models, I’d say we’re in for more of the same tomorrow and maybe a brief but slight pulse out of the SSE on Friday. After that it would appear that we’re in for near flatness for at least a couple more days.

Ah well, the juice will return sooner or later. So enjoy your day and go well.

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Jul 15 2008

Beautiful morning, where are the waves

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Tiny DY beach again
Hello Friends,

Beautiful morning along the shores of Sydney. There was a cute little line coming into Dee Why when I had a look and took my daily snap. But no one was in the water that I could see. It looked as though the bigger ones might’ve been mal-able.

The latest offshore data shows that the swell height is about where it’s been for the last three days (ie averaging around a metre), but the direction is trending more toward the SSE and importantly, both the average period (9 sec) and peak periods (14 sec) have bumped up. That 14 sec component is interesting, because it should mean the odd surfable set is coming into our south facing spots.

The Bureau says we’ll have light NW-SW winds today, with a bit of SE making an appearance this afternoon. Outlook for tomorrow is for SW-SE 10-20kts with the swell sticking at about the same level as today.

Have yourself a top old day!

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Jul 14 2008

Last little blip of swell?

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Hello Friends,

A shower this morning, so I held off doing the report until I could get a picture to share. Yesterday’s little east swell is still hanging around. The size at sea is around the metre mark on average, but there the power setting has come up a bit and is now showing at 9 seconds on average. There is some 11 second stuff in the mix, so at places that like the east swell direction you could find something worth the effort. Dee Why has the odd barely rideable one up the beach toward Longy, but nothing is happening at the point. It looks like a long wait for knee to waist high lumps, so I’d be thinking somewhere with better exposure.

Outlook for the next few days appears to be for not much change in the size where Sydney’s concerned. Wind is set to be reasonably light today and tomorrow (5-10 kts from the NW around to NE).

Go well with your day and get up to some good where you can!

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Jul 13 2008

Looking pretty ordinary

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Hello Friends,

Very sad looking down at Dee Why this morning. Just about nothing showing at the point or the beach. I’m reasonably sure you couldn’t surf it with anything under about the 9 foot mark.

MHL’s Sydney buoy is currently showing about a metre of east windswell. The average period is just 8 seconds. As with yesterday, there is some long period stuff in the mix. However, I couldn’t see signs of anything resembling the 11 second period component showing on the buoy data.

Wind is currently out of the NW but the Bureau says it should swing around to the NE this afternoon.

The outlook for the next week in Sydney remains uninspiring. Basically, it looks as though we’ll be lucky to find much of anything above waist high. Maybe the models will be wrong… maybe… but if you had to pick a week to be away from the beach, this might be the one…

Ah well, your correspondent is happy to be back in Sydney again anyway.

Have yourself a top old day, and stay happy!

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Jul 12 2008

One more drizzly Barossa morning

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Hello Friends

If you were waking up in the Barossa this morning, you’d have seen grey skies, wind and occasional showers. But if you happened to be in Sydney, well, it would’ve been a different story. Your outlook is for a cool but fine and mostly sunny day. Winds are going to be light and out of the WNW this morning, before turning around to the NE this afternoon.

The surf forecast is not too inspiring, sadly.

Right now the MHL buoy off Sydney is reporting 1 metre of south swell at about 8 seconds apart. That’s a better period than yesterday, but the direction won’t be doing surfers too many favours. The only hope is that there might be an occasional rideable set thanks to some 10-11 sec stuff that still appears to be hanging around.

Surf outlook for the weekend, according to the models, is for a gradual weakening of the energy levels. My guess is that it’s going to be marginal and getting more so as the weak unfolds in Sydney. There just aren’t any terribly interesting developments on the charts at the moment.

Anyway, should be a top old day for getting out and about, so have yourself a good one and go well!

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