Jul 02 2008

Still just about flat

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Tiny, tiny little tiny ones at Dee Why beach.

Hello Friends,

Looks as though we’re in for another breezy day. The Bureau says we’re in for 25-33 kts of W-NW wind. It should gradually ease toward dusk. Of course a couple days of blasting winds is not doing the minimal swell any favours. The numbers, however, are better than yesterday’s.

After crashing to around 5 seconds on the power setting, average period is a slightly better 9 seconds. Mind you, it’s still only averaging a metre at sea and, worse, it’s dead south. At well exposed beaches, you might possibly find the odd waist high bomb set. For the most part though, you can expect smaller than that. Figure knee high and you should be about right.

Yesterday turned pretty busy on me, so I missed getting to the outlook… maybe today will be better… 😉

Hope you’re in for a top old day. Go well!

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