Jul 08 2008

Cold out west

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Hello Friends,

Nice and brisk in the Barossa this morning. Raining and about 7 outside. Should be good snowfalls from this lot I would’ve thought. A long way from anything resembling a wave and hanging off a pretty ordinary dial-up connection, so I’ll keep it brief.

The Bureau is forecasting a fair amount of westerly wind over the next four days in the Sydney region. It’s supposed to go SW and pick up this evening, then more or less do a repeat tomorrow, whereupon Huey leaves the wind machine running at 20-30 kts from the WNW around to the WSW for a couple days – at least.

One of the models reckons Sydney might get a bit of NE (!) windswell for early Thursday, which then gets replaced by a brief south pulse. After that, it looks pretty small right on through the weekend and into the new week. Small, but with luck, not actually flat…

I’m concerned my steam-powered connection may fade out yet again, so I’d better sign off for now. Go well one and all!

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