Jul 13 2008

Looking pretty ordinary

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Hello Friends,

Very sad looking down at Dee Why this morning. Just about nothing showing at the point or the beach. I’m reasonably sure you couldn’t surf it with anything under about the 9 foot mark.

MHL’s Sydney buoy is currently showing about a metre of east windswell. The average period is just 8 seconds. As with yesterday, there is some long period stuff in the mix. However, I couldn’t see signs of anything resembling the 11 second period component showing on the buoy data.

Wind is currently out of the NW but the Bureau says it should swing around to the NE this afternoon.

The outlook for the next week in Sydney remains uninspiring. Basically, it looks as though we’ll be lucky to find much of anything above waist high. Maybe the models will be wrong… maybe… but if you had to pick a week to be away from the beach, this might be the one…

Ah well, your correspondent is happy to be back in Sydney again anyway.

Have yourself a top old day, and stay happy!

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