Jul 16 2008

Another beautiful but nearly waveless morning

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Delightful morning but tiny at Dee Why

Hello Friends,

The pattern continues. The size of the SSE swell at sea off Sydney hasn’t budged off the metre mark. And it looks as though that is the situation from one end of the NSW coast to the other. What Sydney has going for it is an average period of about 10 sec. And that accounts no doubt for the exciting knee to waist high shutdowns I watched folding into Dee Why beach a little while ago.  The longer period 12 sec component is still hangning around, so at exposed spots you might pick up something a touch bigger.

From the look of the forecast models, I’d say we’re in for more of the same tomorrow and maybe a brief but slight pulse out of the SSE on Friday. After that it would appear that we’re in for near flatness for at least a couple more days.

Ah well, the juice will return sooner or later. So enjoy your day and go well.

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