Jul 19 2008

Oh dear, looks small again

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Dee Why point looking pretty much perfectly flat

Hello Friends,

Well, as anticipated yesterday, the energy levels have dropped away to just about nothin’ overnight. Yesterday evening there were a few tiny little lines coming in at dusk when I went for a walk down near Long Reef. The biggest ones were struggling to get to waist high, so it wasn’t too amazing. However, I’d be very, very surprised if there was anything to surf there now. The MHL buoy is showing a metre of SSW windswell at an utterly gutless 6 seconds.

The Bureau’s call for the next couple days is for the wind to kick up as a strong low pushes into Bass Strait tomorrow. This is expected to cause strong to gale force winds over the southern and central waters. So, we can expect strong NW winds tomorrow, swinging WSW overnight into Monday. For today the wind will be WSW in the morning and then swing NW this afternoon.

So, it looks as though we’re going to have to put up with utter tininess through Monday in Sydney. However, things look quite a bit more interesting for Tuesday and Weds. The models are showing an intense low swinging across the Tasman early in the week. As it heads over to NZ, we could get someĀ  fun size swell at south-friendly spots. And it looks as though the wind shouldn’t be too bad either, particularly on Weds morning when the models are showing a combo of 10s 3 metre south swell with light SSW wind.

Have yourself a top old Saturday!

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