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Aug 31 2008

Dee Why pictures

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Only have use of the Nikon D700 for another day or two, so I was keen to squeeze in one last shooting session. Decided to duck down to Dee Why to see what I could find. I like the challenge of photographing some place I see all the time. As usual, if you look, there are endless possibilities…

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Aug 30 2008

ABC 702 radio surf report

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ABC 702 radio surf report and outlook 30 Aug 08

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Aug 27 2008

Picture taking in Sydney … again!

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Had to head over to Sydney for a couple press functions, so I took the Nikon D700 along for a bit of a play. Ended up grabbing a few snaps… (a great camera!)

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Aug 23 2008

ABC 702 2BL radio surf report

CLICK PLAY BUTTON TO LISTEN…     23 Aug 08 forecast (mp3)

Don chats Sydney surf prospects for Saturday 23 August 2008 with Simon Marnie on the ABC 702 weekend show…

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Aug 21 2008

Photo expedition to Sydney

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A few days ago I got my mitts on one of the new Nikon D700 full-frame DSLRs*. So, I loaded up a fresh battery and a blank CF card and went picture taking in Sydney…

The D700 turns out to be a lovely camera to work with. I was up and shooting without so much as a glance at the manual. And the image quality… wonderful!

For those of you interested in the tech stuff, I was using AFS Nikkor 24-120mm lens.

*I’ll be reviewing the D700 in due course, but if you’d like to learn more, then check out Margaret Brown’s comprehensive report on the Photo Review Australia website.

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Aug 03 2008

Sunny Sunday at Dee Why

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Lovely lines stack in at around 0900.

The crowd is there… but so are the waves this morning!

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