Nov 19 2009

Summercloud Bay, 18 Nov 2009

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[See image gallery at]

[See image gallery at]

Late afternoon at Pipe and it was pumping.  Swell was from the SSE at a couple metres with an average period of 9 seconds but with the occasional 12 second bomb set. Tide was coming off low and the wind was very strong from the NE. The only minor flaw was that there were at least 30 people fighting for the slot. It looked totally crazy. There were a few standups, but you’d have to say the overwhelming majority of folks were on bodyboards, so they were taking off very deep indeed. Although we were only there for half an hour or so, I managed to get quite a few shots. Absolutely no idea if anyone who was there will ever see these… but ya never know!

You can right-click and save any pic in these galleries to your own computer. However, if you want to get a nice high-res version without my watermark, you’ll need to contribute to my camera upgrade fund. 🙂

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