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Aug 23 2008

ABC 702 2BL radio surf report

CLICK PLAY BUTTON TO LISTEN…     23 Aug 08 forecast (mp3)

Don chats Sydney surf prospects for Saturday 23 August 2008 with Simon Marnie on the ABC 702 weekend show…

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Jul 12 2008

One more drizzly Barossa morning

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Hello Friends

If you were waking up in the Barossa this morning, you’d have seen grey skies, wind and occasional showers. But if you happened to be in Sydney, well, it would’ve been a different story. Your outlook is for a cool but fine and mostly sunny day. Winds are going to be light and out of the WNW this morning, before turning around to the NE this afternoon.

The surf forecast is not too inspiring, sadly.

Right now the MHL buoy off Sydney is reporting 1 metre of south swell at about 8 seconds apart. That’s a better period than yesterday, but the direction won’t be doing surfers too many favours. The only hope is that there might be an occasional rideable set thanks to some 10-11 sec stuff that still appears to be hanging around.

Surf outlook for the weekend, according to the models, is for a gradual weakening of the energy levels. My guess is that it’s going to be marginal and getting more so as the weak unfolds in Sydney. There just aren’t any terribly interesting developments on the charts at the moment.

Anyway, should be a top old day for getting out and about, so have yourself a good one and go well!

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